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Meet the Women's Boutique Owner Giving Pittsburgh the Prescription on How to Dress with Style

Meet the Women's Boutique Owner Giving Pittsburgh the Prescription on How to Dress with Style

Are you looking for cute boutiques around the city? If so, you’re in luck. Keep reading to learn more about Krista the women behind Fashion RX. With her unique style and eye for fashion, Krista is showing Pittsburgh how to dress with style.

How long has Fashion RX been around and what inspired you to open a clothing boutique in Pittsburgh?

Fashion Rx I launched in November of 2015. That's when we launched our website. I wanted to do something fun with fashion on the side because I worked in the medical field for years and years, which is where the RX comes from. I just love fashion. I was having trouble finding things that I liked at the stores, so I was like, you know what, let me just go and do this website. I won’t have to have employees, I can still do my medical job, and still raise my kids which was really important to me. 

I know you also do pop-ups and home parties around Pittsburgh, how did that start?

That is actually how I started before opening my locations in Murraysville and Oakmont. I had a friend who owned a hair salon. She said, “Would you come in and do a popup?” It went really well so afterwards she asked if I would leave the clothing rack there for her customers to shop while they were waiting for their appointments. It really took off and I had other hair salons and spas and fitness studios reaching out to me. At one point I was in 14 locations through out Pittsburgh. It turned into a lot of driving around and restocking every 2 weeks. A friend of mine had a salon in the Sola Salon Studios in Monroeville and she suggested I rent one of their spaces. So I did, and that was the first time I had a physical location. 

So you started in a really small space in the Sola Studio and when did you open your Murrysville location?

I actually opened the Murrysville location 2 weeks before Covid. As you can image that was a bit challenging, but I have amazing customers and we got through it. Then a year ago I opened the Oakmont location.

What do you think makes Fashion Rx different?

I wanted to open a place where I would take my mom and daughter and they could all find something they loved for any occasion. Woman of any age could come here if they wanted to find something for a business meeting or a wedding. Also I wanted a place where I could keep the price point affordable.I definitely feel like I accomplished that. 

How would you describe your style?

I would say boho edgy. But I really think it depends on what kind of mood I am in. That is one of the reasons I like fashion so much. You don’t have to put yourself into a box.

You offer personal styling, what is your process of putting together an outfit for someone.

The first question I ask is where are you going? Or I will ask what do you want the outfit for? I want them to feel good in what I pick so next I’ll ask questions to find out what style they like casual, boho, or edgy. I also want them to be comfortable. I’ll definetly explain that they can pull things from their wardrobe and mix and match. Something else I really like doing is if they have something they love in their wardrobe I will ask them to bring it in and we will play around with different pieces from the shop. I love when we find something unexpected that they love.

My last question is, what advice would you give women who struggle to put together an outfit?

Create an album on your phone and look at Instagram and save outfits you like, and then see what things you have in your closet that would go with that. That is what I try to do on our instagram. When we get something new in I will try it on and build an outfit around it. I feel like with clothes, seeing it on a hanger doesn’t due it justice. It needs to be styled on a body, then you will get a better idea on how it will fit into someones wardrobe. 

Thanks so much Krista!

If you want to find the perfect piece of clothing or accessory, check out FashionRX boutique locations in Oakmont and Murrysville.